The Soweto Gospel Choir was formed to celebrate the unique and inspirational power of African Gospel music. The 52-strong choir, under the direction of Beverly Bryer, draws on the best talent from the many churches in and around Soweto.

The choir is dedicated to sharing the joy of faith through music with audiences around the world.

When it comes to vocal talent, Africa, and more particularly South Africa, has spawned the most evocative sounds on earth and still produces the very best that the world has to offer in this art form. Soweto Gospel Choir is that very best.

Expect earthy rhythms, rich harmonies, acapella numbers as well as accompaniment by an exciting 4 piece band and percussion section. Add to this, energetic dancing and vibrant, colourful costumes, and the mix is awesome. This young dynamic choir performs both traditional and contemporary music, adding its own unique feel and interpretation to both. The choir performs in 6 of South Africa's 11 official languages.

This magnificent 52-strong choir, styled with a contemporary feel, leaves all who hear it stunned with emotion. It is small wonder that they are charting a meteoric rise to international fame. Those that saw the 46664 Concert in Cape Town 2003, under the auspices of former President Nelson Mandela, will have witnessed Soweto Gospel Choir in action alongside other musical greats like Bono; Queen; Anastacia; Peter Gabriel; Jimmy Cliff; and the Eurythmics.

"Everybody agrees the choir were absolutely stunning……They are all true stars and were, for me, the best artists on the stage that night"
Spike Edney, International Musical Director, 46664 Concert

"Soweto Gospel Choir is wonderful!! You have never seen or heard such infectious joy – guaranteed"
Brian May of Queen