Andrew Kay and Marriner Group in association with One Eyed Man Productions, Neglected Musicals, Hayes Theatre Co and Arts Centre Melbourne present



The award-winning cast of Calamity Jane will ride into the Comedy Theatre Melbourne in January 2019 and transform it into the Golden Garter Saloon. Tickets are selling rip-roaringly fast for the December season at Arts Centre Melbourne and now audiences have another chance to secure a seat to the hottest madcap musical in town!

Legendary frontierswoman; notorious daredevil; profane storyteller – Calamity Jane is one of the most immediately recognizable figures of the old American West.

From the famous 1950’s Doris Day movie musical to the HBO series Deadwood, the courageous individuality of Calamity Jane has delighted audiences for decades. With a fierce disregard for gender expectations and cultural limitations that was centuries ahead of her time, there’s no better time to re-visit and re-examine this remarkable woman.

This madcap, pared-back re-imagining shucks off the buckskin and brings a barrel full of dirt and grit to the classic musical. Directed by Richard Carroll, the production stars Virginia Gay (Channel 7’s All Saints and Winners & Losers) as the magnetic, masculine heroine – joined by a ragtag band of acclaimed comedic actors and musicians. From the moment they enter the theatre, audiences are immersed in the world of the Golden Garter Saloon – alive with whores, gamblers, and habitual jeopardy – and can expect an unruly and unpredictable ride. This particularly goes for the dozens of audience members seated onstage at saloon tables, who will be a part of the action whenever they least expect it!

Featuring timeless standards such as ‘The Deadwood Stage’, ‘Just Blew In From The Windy City’ ‘Black Hills of Dakota’, and ‘Secret Love’ performed with piano and a grab bag of other instruments, this production injects a unique and raucous sense of spontaneity into the world of musical theatre.

Grab a drink and prepare to be immersed in the world of the Golden Garter Saloon!